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I've been informed that there will be work taking place during my break?

Published 05/12/2017 09.57 AM   |    Updated 03/01/2018 05.12 PM

We wanted to let you know before you arrive that we're busy making improvements to some of our accommodation at our Skegness Resort which may affect guests staying in our Silver and New Style Silver Apartments and Fairground Apartments from 12th January until 16th April 2018.

What type of work is taking place?
We know how important accommodation is on a break away with family, which is why we are constantly investing in it. Over the next few months we are making exciting changes to some of our accommodation units in Skegness.

What is the location of the work?
Work is currently happening within small areas of two of our villages, both of which will be fenced off during your stay:

o     Ocean Point Village
o     Starfish Quay

Will it be noisy?
As most works will be internal refurbishments, the main noises will be from small power tools such as nail guns, saws, drills etc. There may be a forklift truck on site if required, however there will be no noisy machinery being used.

Will any venues be unavailable because of the work?
No, all our resort venues and activities will be open as usual.

I have a question - how can I contact Butlin's?
If you have any queries or further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via live chat. We're open 9am-7pm every day and would love to help you.

We hope you have all the information you need for your upcoming break. To find out about all the things you can look forward to, plus lots of helpful information including directions, checking in and what's on during your stay, click here.    

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