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What are the charges if I need to cancel an ESF break?

Published 10/04/2018 01.36 PM   |    Updated 10/04/2018 01.36 PM

If you need to cancel your booking due to illness, accident or change of circumstances and have taken our insurance, any changes arising from the cancellation will be covered in most cases.

If you have not taken our insurance, there will be no refund for any monies lost. We strongly advise that you take our cover or make your own insurance arrangements to protect yourself and your party.

Days Before
Start of Break


56 days or more

Loss of deposit

55 to 43 days

40% Loss of holiday cost

42 to 29 days

60% Loss of holiday cost

28 days or less

100% Loss of holiday cost

As soon as you know that you need to cancel your break, call our resort teams on:

Bognor Regis 01243 810116/118
Minehead 0330 102 5297
Skegness 01754 762311

Click here for more information about our Holiday Insurance.

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