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How can I use an offer or discount code?

Published 07/11/2014 04.32 PM   |    Updated 14/12/2015 02.29 PM

If you have received an offer code you'd like to use when making a booking online you can enter it at the start of the booking process.

At the start of our 3-step booking process you'll be asked to choose the date and resort you'd like for your break, then the number of guests attending and their ages and thirdly the type of accommodation.

Just above the third step there is a box to pop your offer code in to.

Once you've entered the code simply click the yellow 'check' box and the discount will be added to your booking and will display on the break summary page just before finalising your break.

Please note offers can be applied to new bookings only, we are unable to add offers or promotional codes to an existing booking.

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