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Can we be located together if we have separate bookings?

Published 28/01/2015 05.37 PM   |    Updated 27/09/2016 05.09 PM

Absolutely! We can allocate your accommodation close to another booking by linking your breaks together. To do this we must speak to the lead guest of both parties to ensure that we have permission.

Please e-mail your reference number along with the full name and reference number of the party you wish to link to by clicking here.

Once we have received your e-mail we will place a note onto your booking granting permission to link to the other party.

If the lead guest of the party you wish to link to can then send an e-mail containing their reference number, your reference number and your full name we can authorise the linking of the two bookings and ensure that you are allocated as closely together as possible during your stay.

If you are linking two breaks that have accommodation of different grades please note that these may not be located in the same accommodation villages on resort. For example if you link a break with a Standard Apartment and a break with a Gold Apartment together we are unable to allocate your accommodations next to each other as they are in different areas of the resort.

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