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Who can amend and discuss my break?

Published 27/04/2015 02.56 PM   |    Updated 30/09/2017 11.33 AM

We are only ever able to discuss or amend a booking with the lead guest - this is the person whose name and address appear on the confirmation, and/or who directly received the e-mail confirmation.

Any other members of the booking party or family members will not be able to discuss or amend a break without the lead guest’s express permission. This would need to be in writing, or by speaking to the lead guest on the phone. This is in adherence to Data Protection laws.

The only exception to this comes if you have booked through a Travel Agent, in which case we can only correspond directly the Travel Agent the break is booked with.

Butlin's Skyline Ltd is notified (registered) as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998.

To amend your break please contact us via Live Chat, by sending us an e-mail by clicking here, .

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