Sky Bar

Exclusively at Skegness, take your seats in the comfortable surroundings of our Sky Bar in Centre Stage, our main show venue. This bookable bar sits on a mezzanine level overlooking the stage with its own dedicated bar.

Enjoy all of our show-stopping entertainment in Centre Stage in the comfortable surroundings of our Sky Bar. Exclusive to Skegness, the Sky Bar sits on a mezzanine level, overlooking the stage and offers great views of the stage, plus its own dedicated bar.

These passes are very popular so we recommend that you book early!

Please note: you'll need to purchase Sky Bar passes for all the guests on your booking, and restrictions may apply on Diversity breaks.

When's it available?
On every break at our Skegness resort.

Who's it for?
It's the perfect place for families to relax and enjoy some of the best views of our Centre Stage.

What's the cost?

Term Time
3 Nights£19.00
4 Nights£19.00
7 Nights£38.00
School Holidays
3 Nights£24.50
4 Nights£28.50
7 Nights£53.00
New Year
3 Nights£32.00
Live Music Weekends
3 Nights£22.00