Shoreline Hotel at Bognor Regis

The Shoreline Hotel at Bognor Regis has given 10 years of outstanding service. This year the hotel’s bedrooms were given a nautical themed makeover and have even more extra touches to make your stay memorable.

All Aboard the Shipshape Shoreline Hotel

Can you remember the best holiday you ever had as a child? We bet it’s the little things that stick in your mind the most.

That’s why Billy Butlin always believed in getting the details right, whether it was choosing what flowers to plant or who to have in his shows. He knew it’s the little things that make the difference between an OK break and a holiday you’ll remember all your life.

It’s this that inspired the design of our newly refurbished ‘new-style’ rooms inside our Shoreline Hotel in Bognor Regis. They are packed full of surprising, thoughtful and just plain unforgettable touches.

Adventure ahoy!

We’ve taken inspiration from the sea. We didn’t have far to look, after all. The Shoreline Hotel is our closest to the coastline.

We want to make the hotel feel a bit like stepping on board a ship. So we’ve got walk-the-plank designs in the lifts and all the corridor carpets are decorated with boards and rigging and pools of fish.

Our newly refurbished ‘new-style’ rooms are more like cabins, with nautical bunks the kids will love clambering aboard. Look out for the Octopus Sofas too. They’re perfect for snuggle time.

Made with little ones in mind

You know as well as we do that when your children are happy, everyone can relax. So all of the new details in our ‘new-style’ refurbished rooms aren’t just for fun. They actually make your life easier. Bedtime becomes something they’ll look forward to, the enjoyable end to an exciting day.

In our ‘new-style’ refurbished rooms all the furniture has rounded corners, so you don’t need to worry about bumped heads when the very little ones are playing on the fishy play rug. Funny-face pirate curtains will raise a smile, but they’ll also block out the light for a guaranteed good night’s sleep.

Step aboard

Our ‘new-style’ Shoreline Hotel rooms are ready for boarding. Our big-hearted Shoreline crew are looking forward to giving you the warmest of welcomes when you step aboard!

Our Staterooms
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